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Great leadership skills don’t come naturally to everyone, and building a workplace culture where professional development is prioritized is key to retention and employee satisfaction.
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I lead highly interactive, dynamic, and action-oriented training sessions for teams and groups. While each session is customized to meet each client’s goals, there a few things core to my approach.

Highly Interactive
A webinar or a lecture does not maintain attention especially when everyone is multi-tasking.
and Sweet
Most sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Bite-size learning fits around day to day responsibilities and gives participants just enough information to take in during each session.
Each session is designed to give participants time to reflect and action plan so they leave with concrete take-aways.

DISC Workshop

DISC is a personality assessment that’s been used by Fortune 500 companies to drive understanding between teams, improve communication, and increase performance and employee engagement. It’s a powerful tool and a DISC workshop is a fun and engaging way to provide team or company bonding as well as meaningfully improve communication skills. This is usually delivered as a half-day workshop and can be done virtually or in person.
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