I am Kate O’Sullivan, a career and leadership coach based in Washington, D.C. I think we all deserve to find a job we love, and have the skills and confidence to thrive in our careers. Kate O'Sullivan

Career & Leadership Coach, KO Coaching

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Individual coaching focused on creating your ideal career transition. I work with clients to help them identify their ideal role, prepare them for the transition, and guide them through the entire job application and onboarding process. For more details, please see the 1:1 coaching page.


For junior and mid-level leaders who want 1:1 attention on how to accelerate their leadership skills. I often find that my clients are not getting the coaching, feedback, and support necessary to excel in leadership roles. As a former manager and a trained leadership coach, I will help you identify your strengths as well as areas for development, and will devise a custom plan for you to help you reach your potential faster.


I have worked with a wide array of corporate clients to tackle training on topics such as: Performance Management, Personal Effectiveness, and Diversity and Inclusion. This training is conducted in a group setting ranging from 4 to 40 participants. Training has included both multi-year programs and one-time engagements for conferences or retreats.

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I have written previously about how to give critical feedback effectively, and how to ask for it. The other part of the equation is what to do once you receive critical feedback. It can be emotionally difficult, even if you asked for it, so it's worth it...

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