Career Coaching Services

Career transitions can be frustrating, challenging, and time consuming. You might…

  • Feel like you need to start at the beginning if you want to switch industries
  • Know you have valuable skills, but struggle to explain your story or path to recruiters or potential employers
  • Know where you want to go in your career, but feel like you’re not making the progress you desire
  • Have lots of ideas about what career path you could pursue, but struggle to narrow things down or make a thoughtful decision.

I offer two career coaching packages, both designed to help you navigate a smooth career transition.


Not sure what you want to do? Maybe you want to transition your skills to a new role or industry but you’re not sure how to show potential employers your skills? We will work together to design a custom plan to help you reach your career goals.


If you know where you want to go but you are not sure how to get there, this package is the right fit for you. If you have identified your target job, I will help you do everything else needed to land your new position.

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